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The A.C.T Logbook System List of Competencies

1 Identifying the vehicle controls
2 Cabin Drill
3 Starting the vehicle
4 Moving off procedure
5 Proper gear use
6 Safe and efficient steering method (e.g. Pull-Push Steering)
7 Left and right turns
8 Speed Control
9 Safe and efficient slowing procedure
10 Safe and efficient stopping procedure
11 Hill starts
12 Give-Ways
13 Reversing procedure
14 Front-on parking
15 Reverse parallel parking
16 U-turns
17 Turning around in a road (3 or 5 point turns)
FIRST REVIEW (a review of the first seventeen competencies)
18 Merging, Lane changing
19 Overtaking
20 Observation, Scanning, Hazard recognition
21 System of vehicle control
22 Vulnerable road users
SECOND REVIEW (a review of the previous 22 competencies)
23 Driving unaided in high-level traffic and in unfamiliar surroundings

The A.C.T Learner Licence

Before you commence driving lessons, whether with parents, friends or a qualified instructor,you must obtain an ACT Learner Licence. Your Learner Licence will be valid for a period of 2 years. Latest details on how to obtain a learner Licence can be obtained from the ACT Government Website. Minimum age to hold learner licence in the ACT is 15 years and 9 months. You must hold a learner licence for a minimum of 6 months before you can be tested for your Provisional Licence.You must always carry your Learner Licence with you when taking a lesson with either a qualified instructor, parent or friend. You must carry your Log Book with you if being assessed by an Accredited Instructor. You can practice your driving with anyone you choose, provided they hold a full licence. Once you have satisfied the above requirements, you can choose to either attempt the Government Driving Test or go through the Log Book System with an Accredited Driving Instructor. If you choose the Log Book System, please check that your Instructor holds an Accreditation at the time of the lesson. A valid certificate should be on display in the vehicle. Also, if you live outside the ACT eg. Yass or Queanbeyan, please make sure your instructor has a valid certificate. Instructors who are not accredited are not by law allowed to assess students on the Log Book System. You may wish to engage the services of one of our Accredited Instructors before attempting the Government Test. This could save you money in the long run as our Instructors would be able to help you brush up on your driving skills before you take the Government Driving Test. On the other hand, if you are a parent or friend tutoring a Learner Driver, you may want to revise your own driving techniques. This way you can be sure that what you are teaching is what may now be required to obtain a Provisional Licence.