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Lesson Costs

Special ! First Lesson $60
For new students only.. all lessons go for one hour
​Each lesson after the first is $80

Special ! $60

First Lesson

We are currently running a special.. first lesson with our Company is $60. Remember.. it doesn't matter if you have already started Log Book with another Driving School.. there is no obligation for you to stay with that Driving School until you have finished the Log Book. You can try our experienced Accredited Instructors for one lesson and, if you are not satisfied with the quality of the tuition you receive, then change back to whoever you are with.That way, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

First Lesson

Introductory Lesson $60 !

We are running this special to show you that there is a difference in quality of instruction in the ACT.
All our Instructors are experienced in ACT Logbook tuition. We are not a franchise.. nor can we offer you extras like discount insurance, BUT we can offer you quality instruction. Remember, the ACT Logbook system is a proven step-by-step method for learner drivers heading for their P's. There is no other system in the ACT which is superior. Don't be fooled into thinking that your son or daughter is being taught a better or safer method.

Payment Methods

First Lesson

Cash or Eftpos on the day. Finally, a word of warning... Always check out your instructor before you book with any Company in Canberra.. ask the receptionist how much experience they have before giving them your hard-earned money..or worse.. your credit card details ! As our Logo says "Know you're in safe hands".. be assured that all our Instructors have years of experience in ACT Logbook tuition. BTW.. some even hold NSW Accreditation as well.