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  1. Kaylee
    Switching to Road Ready driving school Canberra was the best
    decision I have ever made. The girls at the office (Carol and Anthea) were so polite every time I called to book a lesson and they made so quick and hassle free. I would like to thank the entire team from Road Ready driving school for the incredible services they have provided.

  2. Kate
    Road ready is great driving school, that gave me the skills needed for being on the road! I couldn't recommended this school enough, great teacher!

  3. Tiahn
    I would highly recommend this driving school to anyone who wants to learn to drive. As someone who was so anxious about driving, thanks to my driving instructor I was able to build up the confidence to. Even when I made a mistake he was so calm and reassuring. For anyone who is anxious about driving I recommend Road Ready Instructors, they are so easy to talk to and helpful and extremely patient,and
    made me feel safe and confident.

  4. Apuvra
    OMG!!!! the best driving school you could ever find....Really caters to customer's personal constraints and go out of the way to ensure you get the best learning experience out of everyday driving lessons. Very relaxed and fun environment to learn as the drivers are very professional but still become your friends at the end of the first lesson. The fees are absolutely the best prices you can find anywhere and you are guaranteed to get what you pay for.

  5. Lachlan
    Really nice and easy-going people. Booking a lesson was super easy and my instructor was calm and friendly! Would highly recommend..

  6. Ashleigh
    II went through these guys years years ago and my close friend and brother also went through them and they were amazing! These guys are brilliant with putting you at ease, making the  learning process less intimidating and stressful, building your confidence behind the wheel, they mark off competencies appropriately and they make sure it is a fun and positive experience the whole way through! I'm about to refer another friend :D

  7. Rose
    I will definitely recommend this school. Prices are very reasonable. Staff really friendly. I had a driving lesson with one of the Instructors and he taught me different driving tips. He was very
    patient and professional. Thank you so much!

  8. Tushira
    Amazing! wonderful instructor - great teacher, patient, funny and puts you at ease immediately. Carol from the office is absolutely lovely as well and would take the time to chat with you. I had been extremely nervous about driving and Roadready were instrumental in
    encouraging, reassuring and helping me to get my licence!

  9. Joanna
    I am really happy that I chose Road Ready Driving School to get my P's. From the first phone call the staff was very attentive and helpful and I believe that it was had my first lesson. The driving instructor was very patient with me and taught me how to parallel park which was one of my nightmares. I
    didn't believe that it would take around 7 lessons to learn how to drive properly, but he assured me that i won't be needing more..

  10. Sonea
    I was set up with an experienced and friendly instructor. In only one lesson they were able to give me an accurate idea of my development and what needed practice, along with the amount of lessons it would take to achieve a good handle on things. Would recommend to people of all ages, plus it's cheap too!.

  11. Jam
    I learned a lot from my driving instructor . I gained so much  confidence in driving around ACT and finally got my licence after doing logbook test with him. Thanks for being patient with me all throughout. Thanks to Anthea and Carol for all your assistance. You are highly recommended!

  12. Isi A
    The service RRDS provides is incomparable. My driving instructor is professional, compassionate, and easy-going, and my confidence in driving has skyrocketed under his tutelage. I have found myself looking forward to lessons as I know I will improve and learn new skills every lesson. They make the learning process something to look forward to (instead of feeling stressed or unprepared) and are always receptive to your needs as a learner driver. 5 stars - could not recommend them enough!!

  13. Anjali
    Highly recommend Roadready! Thanks for sharing some excellent tips that really helped improve my driving. "You may be a competent driver, but are you also now a safe driver".. Words to live by, whether you're learning to drive or just finessing your skills. Thanks Guys!.

  14. Sunny
    Road Ready Driving School was fantastic. After having driven for
    years I thought that I knew it all, thankfully after taking classes with Road Ready Driving School I got to understand the areas where I seriously needed improvements and with their help I improved drastically in a short span of time. Their service was prompt and courteous, their driving instructors friendly and understanding.

  15. Anqi
    I would highly recommend Road Ready Safety Driving School to all new
    learners. My driving instructor is very patient and helps me to build up my confidence of driving. He taught me many useful driving skills, especially for parking.

  16. Matthew
    I had an amazing instructor who really took his time to teach me. He had a lot of patience and offered a lot of support. I really loved the little tips he gave me that none of my mates learned from their driving schools! It was an absolute pleasure to have him as my instructor.

  17. Andrew
    I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a driving instructor. I did the log book and got it completed in the minimum amount of lessons which I believe was 7 or 8. There was no stuffing around with extra lessons to try and draw more money out of me. I
    was very grateful for their guidance as it meant I was able to firstly get my license earlier and secondly save money. My instructor was patient , knowledgeable and gave me great confidence.

  18. Savleen
    My instructor was a very punctual man. He was always calm and patient even when I made mistakes, he taught me better tricks to improve upon those mistakes. Very flexible and honest. I would highly recommend Road Ready Driving School.

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