Frequently Asked Questions

OK… so you are probably wondering how can we say that it is possible to get your P’s quicker and for less ? It’s simple.. we have TEN Accredited Instructors, manual and auto, all with many years of experience. Most Driving Schools have only one or two. Our Instructors know what to look for when you take your first lesson. They are professional at assessing what a new student has to work on to improve dramatically.
We do not advise our students to purchase packages. Why ? Because you may purchase a package of ten lessons from another Driving School and may only need seven to complete the Logbook. Money down the drain.
We do not charge our students any extra for the first or second reviews or for the final competency 23. Be aware that some Driving Schools will spring this on you when you get to that stage, asking you to pay more for these lessons, which is really unfair.
We will get you safe and competent in the least number of lessons possible.. guaranteed. Remember, it’s a “two-way street” and the more you practice, the quicker you will finish.
We want you to complete the Log Book in the least number of lessons possible…but, we will not put anyone on the road who we deem to be unsafe and not competent.
The number of lessons you would need really all depends on the individual. Some students may have received extensive training from parents and friends, prior to their first Professional lesson. Others may have done very little or none at all. Some may have to re-learn techniques which may no longer be considered as meeting the required standards eg. steering, proper gear changing. Some students have a quicker learning capability than others and will obviously require less lessons.
However, the Log Book will require a minimum of seven lessons to complete. Again, let me stress that this would apply only to students who have had extensive correct tuition from parents/friends. Our Instructors will usually be able to provide you with an estimate after your first lesson.
Unfortunately, due to insurance complications, all students must use the Instructors’ vehicle which has the dual controls.
Our office is open from 8am to 6pm, seven days a week. Our policy is that someone will be on the other end to answer your enquiries during this time period. Sometimes it get extremely busy. In that case, please leave a message and our receptionists will call you back when they are free.
Easy.. all Road Ready Instructors are Government-trained Accredited Instructors. and are qualified to teach the ACT Logbook system.
All our drivers are covered by PLPI Insurance as per Government Legislation.
You will be able to change to another Instructor for any reason and at any time. Competencies already marked off will be recognised as valid by the new Instructor.
Of course! However, try to avoid being picked up at one side of town and dropped at the other side. This will obviously cut the lesson time in half, particularly if you are a brand-new Learner, with little or no experience in traffic.
Call us ASAP if you are unable to make your appointment time. Someone else may be able to take your place. Cancellations within 24 hours may attract a fee. Try to give us as much notice as possible during these uncertain times.
Unfortunately this is something that we come across a lot with other Driving Schools. Rest assured, it will not be the case with our Instructors. If you are considered to be safe and you are confident, be ready to drive.